Autism, Behavioral & Consultative Services

Autism Behavior Consultative (ABC) Services provide support for special education students and classrooms where there is a need for intensive behavior support and interventions. The ABC Team focuses on Structured Teaching principles as a universal learning application to accommodate executive function and social communication deficits. Behavior challenges are viewed as an expression of an underlying skill deficit and evidence-based interventions are implemented to target skill acquisition. Antecedent based interventions are favored over consequence based interventions. ABC Team members partner with school division staff to provide observations, data collection and analysis, consultation, hands-on training and coaching, development of behavior intervention plans, modeling of evidence-based interventions, and progress monitoring. Fabrication of visual supports, assistance with Structured Teaching classroom design and set-up, and individual student work stations are also provided.

VCU Autism Center for Excellence

Virginia Department of Education Autism Resources

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