About Ivy Creek School

Ivy Creek School (ICS) is a public separate day school providing special education and related services for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities in grades K – 12 from participating divisions. Students are placed at ICS via the IEP Team process and receive intensive and structured educational services and supports designed to meet their unique individual academic and behavioral needs. Student social-emotional needs are addressed through a collaborative ‘treatment team’ approach, which includes both 1:1 and group counseling, as well as clinician supports, which are all embedded into the structured school day, setting Ivy Creek School apart from other specialized programs.

All staff receive training in de-escalation techniques and are required to acquire and maintain active Mandt certification during their employment at ICS. Mandt training emphasizes de-escalation strategies and specific techniques to support the integrity of the learning environment and maintain the safety of all members of the ICS community. Additionally, all instructional (licensed and classified) staff are also required to acquire and maintain active Ukeru certification, during their employment at ICS.  Ukeru provides a more intensive training regimen for staff most likely to intervene more directly when students are experiencing a crisis and provides an alternative to physical intervention.

The ICS instructional program is aligned with the State Standards of Learning (SOLs), utilizing principles of universal design, differentiated instructional practices and collaboration with sending divisions.  The ICS does not offer an adaptive curriculum instructional program.

Contact us: 227 Lambs Ln, Charlottesville, VA 22901
(434) 975-9420

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