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Staff may request release/flex time for special projects (e.g. professional development conducted for school divisions before an employee’s contracted start date, evening presentations for parents) completed in excess of their contractual agreement. Release/flex time requests must be submitted to the employee’s supervisor seven (7) business days prior to the requested activity. Employees are only permitted to accrue release/flex time for special projects after the activity has been approved, in writing, by the Executive Director.


Policy Reference: The workday for full-time licensed and professional staff is a minimum of seven hours and thirty minutes and continues until professional responsibilities to the student and school are completed. Fluvanna Board Policy GAA



·       Flex/release time will not be provided for duties associated with full-time licensed and professional staff’s primary job functions that may occasionally extend beyond the seven and one-half (7 ½) hour workday.

·       Staff shall work a minimum of seven and one-half (7 ½) hours per day on days set forth in the official calendar requiring staff to report for duty.  Staff may be assigned duties, have scheduled meetings or extenuating circumstances that require an earlier or later departure.  Flexible schedules for staff may be approved by the Executive Director to meet the needs of students.


Activity Details

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I certify that I will work the date(s) and time(s) listed above to complete the activity as outlined. As a result, I am requesting release time for       hours as the activity listed above is a special project that is in excess of my contractual agreement.


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Denied; Rationale: ________________________________________________________________________

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Denied; Rationale: ________________________________________________________________________

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